The choice of cargo carrier — complexity and the decision

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Posted on Sep 12, 2016

At the moment the set of the companies offers services in transportation of goods. But each client dreams of finding of the reliable and responsible partner who always watches not only safety of freight, but also transit time. For many entities and private business it is very important to find the valid good cargo carrier on whom it is possible to rely in any situation, whom it is possible to address in case of each need.

But to what criteria in case of the choice of carrier it is necessary to pay attention? Not only the price of delivery is a key factor. Let’s try to understand.

Questions to carrier of freights

Of course, three main criteria shall interest everyone who looks for the reliable partner in the transportation market:

shipping speed;
safety of freight;
low cost of service.
But what qualities and resources the carrier shall have, not everyone knows about it. During the conversation with possible future partner it is necessary to ask it the following questions:

whether the company can deliver small freights? (availability of auto fleet with small machines when for ensuring needs of the consignor the small van, but not the auto train is necessary);
whether everything cars are working whether they can overcome a long distance? (if it is necessary to make sending to the neighboring countries whether it is possible to perform it?);
what resources the cargo carrier has? (availability of auto fleet, logistic bureau, team of loaders, etc.);
whether there is a partner program with policy of discounts and special offers?
whether there are additional hidden payments? (many companies don’t say that the amount of an insurance doesn’t enter the cargo transportation price, in the course of paperwork there can be also other unexpected charges).
Important points

But even if resources of the company are rather impressive, there is both a big auto fleet, and responsible people on each of processes of sending and delivery, it is still not all list of nuances which shall interest the consignor. It is also necessary to pay attention on:

availability of all allowing documents (the license, the authority for the move – entering into the register, special permissions for cargo delivery out of borders of the country);
the agreement on cooperation (whether it is constituted professionally, it is legally competent);
provision of service in tracking of movement of freight.
Search of the cargo carrier – a difficult task. Therefore that the cooperation with the chosen company never brought surprises further, it is necessary to count all risks. And it is possible to make it only when you possess all information.

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