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“SAG Stroy” operates in the field of logistics. It transports not only in the CIS countries and Europe, but also in Asia. It is important to provide quality services for our company.
By the way, our company actively practiced integrated transportation, according to the “all included “. The client will only have to sign the relevant contract, discuss the specifics of the order and make a payment. You won’t have anything to worry about. The company will take everything on our shoulders.

What does the logistics involve?

First of all, it takes care of all the documentation that will be required during transportation. If there any questions, we will contact certainly with the owner of the goods to make the arrangements. It is also important to choose the best route. This will help to save money on fuel and reduce lead times. The transport order will be formed as soon as possible. Of course, the goods will be adopted appropriately.
All accompanying documents will be under control. Customs processing of goods will also be required. Employees of the company are obligated to insure the goods before sending. If necessary, it will be provided with protection and asset tracking. We have an express delivery. For example, transportation from Germany to Belarus will be carried out in just few days. You will receive due consulting support.

6d3fc31454502dc3793e8ad330859836b61b003aWhat modes of transport are being conveyed?

First of all, truck transportation is distinguished. It uses only the most modern and reliable equipment. It is also practiced by the use of air, rail, multimodal and sea transport.

What are the main advantages of our company?

In the first place is an individual approach to all clients. The specifics of each order will be taken. The SAG-Stroy is a team of professionals who really loves their job. Customers are offered a range of services and delivery of door-to-door. Any issues that have arisen we have been able to resolve without problems .
The company is very reliable, which is confirmed by reviews of satisfied customers. All aspects of the order will be specified in the contract. Its terms are strictly necessary for the company and never break.

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