andorra-italy-transportCompany SAG -Stroy deals with the international shipping of goods with trucks.
The wide availability of this type of transport makes it the most popular in our country and abroad. Сar cargo delivery has a number of advantages, such as the best value for the shipping costs and time spent on its implementation, elimination of intermediaries, namely delivery by the customer directly to the recipient. In addition one of the fundamental benefits of car delivery route is the flexibility that allows you to deliver emergency supplies to strictly designated time.
Leading scope of the company SAG-Stroy is the implementation of international road transport from the Baltic States and other European countries to the UIS countries. The foregrоund activity is the transportation of goods to the territory of the Republic of Belarus. Basiс freight consists of the following types of goods transportation:

Basiс freight consists of the following types of goods transportation:

  • shipping goods weighing from 1 kg with batches teams on the same route addressed to different consignees;
  • transportation of dangerous goods of various classes of danger;
  • transportation of bulky goods. The sizes of the transported cargo are: length of 20.00 meters and a width of 2.55 m and a height – 3.00 m or more;
  • transportation design, which is always one of the most burdensome types of cargo, involving a very complex type of delivery on schedule, which provides the joint arrival of all trucks at the same time to the destination;
  • transportation of valuable goods the value of which exceeds 150 thousand euro;
  • refrigerated transport, in the course of which guaranteed the preservation of the required temperature for the whole route.

To ensure timely and quality execution of work on the international transportation of various types of cargo in the car park of SAG-Stroy has a very extensive means of transport:

  • vehicles with tented body type with carrying capacity up to 24 tons. They have used storage space from 80 to 120 cubic meters.
  • light commercial vehicles, with carrying capacity not more than 3.5 tonnes;
  • medium-range vehicles. Their load capacity up to 8 tons, and the volume up to 50 cubic meters;
  • refrigerated truck fleet is represented by cars with a guaranteed temperature conditions from – 25 to + 25 degrees C;
  • specialized vehicles for transporting of heavy (weighing not more than 100 tons) and bulk (height not exceeding 4.5 m) equipment.
  • special container vessels for the transport of marine and rail containers;
  • vehicles equipped for the transporting of dangerous goods;
  • road tankers for liquid cargo.

Through a mutually beneficial partnership, we, however, put forward very strict requirements regarding the technical condition of vehicles and in particular for the high quality of services to our clients.

An indicative list of the necessary requirements:

  • not less than five years of experience in international transport;
  • presence of CMR-insurance policy (civil liability insurance in international transport);
  • compliance with environmental vehicles used classes EURO 4, EURO 5 .;
  • full responsibility;
  • high skilled workers;
  • all vehicles are equipped for satellite monitoring of transport systems;
  • skilled activities in document management;
  • stable financial condition;

SAG-Stroy provides the following services:

  • delivery of goods from the customer directly to the recipient;
  • the full range of the accompanying documents processing of goods in a warehouse;
  • customs escort of goods in the exporting state;
  • cargo insurance from possible risks during transportation;
  • customs clearance of goods at the customs office of the Republic of Belarus;
  • transportation of cargo to the customer’s warehouse after customs clearance;
  • consulting services on all issues.

The advantage of SAG Stroy:

  • personalized approach to any customer;
  • professional and hard-working staff;
  • a wide range of services;
  • the solution of problems on flawless professional level;
  • intelligent solutions to complex problems;
  • direct cargo transportation “provider – consumer” only positive feedback from ustomers  about our company, confirming its high level of reliability;
  • strict compliance with contractual relations.
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