Transportations of combined freights from the SAG-Stroy company, it is convenient service which allows to cut down transportation expenses seriously. Its essence consist in implementation of movement of goods of several owners on one vehicle.
As a rule, this service is applied in relation to small-sized freights as it is very convenient to unite and move them jointly. That is, freights of different senders intend to different receivers, but their delivery is made on one vehicle.


As there are such transportations

Work with combined freights happens step by step. On each of these stages, the SAG-Stroy company provided proper control. It is equitable to interests of freight owners and consignees, and also allows to guarantee safety of their property, a delivery adherence to deadlines.
The following stages of combined transportations are provided:
• It is necessary to receive items and to place them in the vehicle. It is made in time which makes a reservation with the customer in advance. The representative of the company checks completeness of freight, its compliance to documents. Also documents are checked for correctness of registration and lack of mistakes.
Besides, durability and quality of packaging, lack of damages on it is checked;
• As additional service an opportunity to insure goods is given. It guarantees indemnification, the suffered owners in case of contingencies;
• Freight of each specific owner arrives on a warehouse for further consolidation with other freights for joint sending;
• Placement and storage in stock. At the same time, goods are sorted, the corresponding marking for convenience of further movements is applied on them;
• In case of need, repeated packaging is made;
• Available are checked and other necessary documents prepare. They will be will be checked when crossing frontier therefore correctness their filling is essentially important. Shall have certificates on certain types of goods, superimposed papers, descriptions and so on.

Advantages of service from SAG-Stroy

The main benefit of receipt of such service from the company, is the maximum respect for interests of freight owners. It is reached due to professionalism of employees. Each of them, is the experienced specialist in the area.

The system of a company performance is debugged for years therefore serious difficulties just don’t arise as they are prevented in time. And in case of insignificant slips, all questions are resolved quickly and effectively.

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