The company SAG Stroy works in the field of international cargo transportation and freight forwarding services. Our primary goal – to provide quality services!

1. International carriage of any cargo
SAG-Sroy transports the following types:

2. Wide geography

The company successfully implements international transport between CIS, EU, China, etc. Here you can also order the transportation of goods in Russia, Belarus, Asia and Europe. On this account has also made orders for the delivery of goods to Africa, Australia.

3. Team of professionals

With years of experience under the force of the employees of the company “SAG-Stroy” to implement international cargo transportation from various cities in almost any part of the Earth. In addition, in cooperation with us, you can always count on a selection of the most efficient and cost-effective solutions.

4. Proven solutions only

We promptly respond to the emergence of new technologies and the transport and logistics of ideas and rigorously test them to meet the needs of our customers. If innovations are really effective, we actively use them in their work.

5. Selection of transport schemes, taking into account the economic benefits for the customer

Group of companies “SAG-Stroy” offers international transport of goods by land, sea and air transport. To save time and money of the customer, often used multimodal delivery schemes.

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