Warehouse processing of freights from SAG-Stroy

Warehouse load handling is an integral part of logistics of movement of combined freights and in general international carriages.
The SAG-Stroy company uses storage facilities in the Baltic States, and also Italy, Poland and Germany.
Services of such placement of goods assume certain specifics. Food need strict observance of temperature conditions. Therefore the company provides storage of freight in the respective rooms.


Types of warehousing services

Services of a warehouse which are offered by the SAG-Stroy company represent a full range. Thus, clients have access to receipt of all types of warehouse works, without resorting to services of other partners.
Among such offers, it is necessary to specify the main:
• Placement of the arrived goods in the territory of a warehouse, their loading on transport in case of further sending;
• Works on packing of goods, their marking;
• Production of covering notes and warehouse documents;
• Goods can be weighed, and also are placed on pallets;
• Sorting of products, the defect in case of need revealed it will be selected. It becomes only at the request of the customer and in coordination with him.

Advantages of offers of the company

Warehouse areas which are used by the SAG-Stroy company it is big terminals. They allow to place any amounts of products. Therefore delays of the schedule of accomplishment of transportation, are completely excluded.
Work of a warehouse, accounting of goods, their inventory count is performed by means of the computerized systems and special programs of inventory accounting.
logistika-sklada-transportnaya-logistikaObjects have reliable protection that makes impossible plunders and spoil of goods. It in the best way is equitable to interests of freight owners and receivers of goods.
Warehouses of partners with which the company works have a convenient arrangement and sidings. All processes of placement of goods, works on their loading and unloading are automated.
This approach reduces influence of a human factor and guarantees efficiency and quality of all types of warehousing services.
Thus, the client receives the exhaustive list of possible warehouse works. At the same time, the company guarantees their quality and safety. Despite the specified benefits, services are rendered for reasonable prices.

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