Transportations of bulky goods


Professional company SAG-Stroy engaged in international transporting of small loads. Transportation is carried in the territory of UIC , and to any place in Europe and Asia. Thanks to the presence in the organization of the logistics center, delivery of goods is always done by the best route, in terms of delivery price and travel time. Employees of the company, depending on the urgency of performing operations can choose the fastest or cheapest delivery route.

Features oversized cargo

As a small cargo, usually means objects that are not suitable for standard dimensions of transport uses. So, for small items include:
– Objects longer than 20 m;
– Exceeding 2.55 m in width;
– More than 3 m in height.
If an object gets in at least one of the above categories (not necessarily in all 3), it will have to treat oversized cargo, because its transportation requires specific conditions and equipment. Also refer to the data subjects and heavy objects weighing more than 30 tons. Examples of bulky goods may be:
– Miscellaneous equipment (transformers, boilers);
– Special equipment (rigs, excavators, bulldozers);
– Long goods (pipes, masts);
– Yachts, houseboats and other items, with significant size and weight.

The nuances associated with the transportation of small cargo

In each country there is specific legislation relating to the transport of bulky items. Firstly, such transportation is allowed only in the case when the transported object can be divided into several parts. In addition, to ensure that the goods crossed the border, requires a special permit for international transportation. The format of such a permit may be different and is set by international treaties. Without this document, the goods just will not be able to cross the border. And employees SAG Stroy take care of all associated with the processing of the documents.

Services SAG-Stroy on the transport of goods oversized goods

Company SAG Stroy deals not only with the issues of logistics for the carriage of bulky goods and registration of documents. The organization functions include a full range of services related to transportation. There are:

– Road transport of oversized items with a special rolling stock;
– Maritime transport with using of Open Top and Flat Rack containers;
– Transportation using the ferry ports of the Baltic, North and Black Seas;
– Rail transportation;
– Development of detailed route of delivery of the object;
– Selection of the most favorable of rolling stock or train;
– Registration of all necessary documents and permits;
– Develop a plan for handling the object and holding themselves loading operations;
– Insurance on shipped items and their protection;
– Organization support (required for the carriage of bulky goods, in accordance with the orders of the Ministry of Transport);
– Customs declaration of goods;
– Advice on issues related to logistics and customs clearance.

Obvious advantages of SAG Stroy:

dokumenti_dlya_negabaritnyh_gruzovUchityvaya great experience that has the company SAG Story industry oversized cargo, and a list of its services, the company’s customers in their reviews secrete a lot of competitive advantages of SAG-Stroy in the first place, an individual approach, because the employees of the organization take into account all the wishes of customers and implement them if it has even the slightest physical possibility. Every professional who works in the company has a long experience of work, and thats why not only can accurately perform the right job, but also csn advise the client if it is necessary.
Due to the fact that the company has always strictly adheres to all points of the agreement, it has for a long time takes the leading place in the rankings of carriers. And yet, all transported objects can be transported in a “door to door” mode, which allows you to save money on additional delivery in the city.

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