The large company “Sag-Stroy” carries out international carriages of a dangerous goods. Such category of freights include products, goods and substances which are potentially posing threat of explosion, ignition or radiation. Only the qualified personnel can perform this type of transportations.

Transportation of a dangerous goods is regulated by the state regulatory legal acts, conventions, agreements and special instructions. Non-compliance with safety rules leads to penalties, and also can do essential harm to health: poisoning, burns, radiation.


About 3000 names are included into the list of dangerous substances. All of them are divided into 9 classes of danger. Each class demands special conditions of transportation.

Names of classes of dangerous freights:

– Class 1 – explosives;
– Class 2 the gases dissolved under pressure – liquefied, compressed;
– Class 3 – flammable liquids;
– Class 4.1. – flammable solid substances;
– Class 4.2. – the igniting spontaneously substances;
– Class 4.3. – the substances emitting the gases igniting in case of contact with water;
– Class 5.1. – the oxidized substances;
– Class 5.2. – organic peroxides;
– Class 6.1. – toxic agents;
– Class 6.2. – infectious substances and by-products of conversion of animals;
– Class 7 – radioactive materials;
– Class 8 – corrosion substances;
– Class 9 – other dangerous substances.

When loading and transporting a dangerous goods availability of marking with indication of a class and a subclass of substances without fail is required. In addition to other services, we are engaged in transportation of combined freights.

Transport modes which are used by the Sag-Stroy company:

– motor transport;
– marine transport;
– air transportation.

On delivery a dangerous goods all requirements are fulfilled:

– Availability of the corresponding documentation and marking of products;
– Use of a special container;
– Matching of a qualified personnel.

International carriages of a dangerous goods are performed in the directions:

– between Republic of Belarus and the European countries;
– between Republic of Belarus and the countries of Asia.


7 reasons to address the Sag-Stroy company

  1. To each client we carry out individual approach;
  2. The professional employees having the corresponding qualification for transportation of specific freight. Drivers undergo special training, quickly make decisions in difficult situations. Besides we have competent legal specialists for the solution of matters of argument in case of international carriages;
  3. We render a full complex of services;
  4. Delivery of goods precisely to the appointed address;
  5. Reliability of the company, freight undergoes control on all way. Movement of drivers undergoes monitoring by means of satellite systems, for safety;
  6. Competent logistics;
  7. Compulsory execution of terms of the contract. You can entrust the Sag-Stroy company freight of any complexity and we will deliver it in time.
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