strahovanie“SAG-Stroy” provides its customers with goods insurance service from all kinds of risks. Today, insurance is an effective mechanism for guaranteeing, safeguarding and integrity of material resources during their transportation from the point of departure to the point of destination. International legislation in this field of work has a large number of regulations and conventions. The purpose of the development and administration of legislation is to regulate the parties’ insurance contract, in case of insured event provided for them. Thus, insurance can protect your business from unexpected losses and money expenses. With us you will get high-quality complex service of all aspects of the work dealing with the international transportation of goods.

Specialists of our company provide advisory services for the choice of optimum insurance policy and rates. International CMR-insurance applies to all goods that we transport. This insurance includes the liability for the loss or damage to the goods. The amount of liability depends on weight and value of the goods. In the case of transportation of valuable goods is suitable to the standard CMR-insurance package to add an additional agreement. This will allow you to receive a full refund of the cost of the goods, regardless of its price and weight in case of insurance event. “SAG-Stroy” provides an opportunity to insure the goods in transit by means of using CMR-insurance to its customers.

Shipping company is held financially responsible for the safety and integrity of the goods not all cases by the terms of an international Convention. We therefore recommend insuring the goods of all kinds of risks that in order to completely protect your business against possible financial losses. Thus, the insurance company shall be obliged to pay all the material losses of your company, resulting from the loss of goods, its extensive or partial damage. In our activity, we cooperate only with reliable insurance companies with successful experience in this case.

Our policy is to work together with the leading insurance companies in the long-term and mutual benefit. Therefore, we are ready to allow you the opportunity to insure goods and availability of average tariffs.

We will independently prepare all necessary documents for making the insurance contract to attend your needs. Specialists of our company will send you copies after the signing of insurance contracts of transported goods. In case of an insured event, we will provide you with the professional advisory assistance of our lawyers, who will accompany the whole settlement process of the situation until the full payment of the amount required by the insurance contract.

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