Container transports, it is the most available and safe method of cargo transfer. Application of containers allows to deliver freight to the receiver with use of several transport modes.
So, the container delivered by a sea transport easily plunges on the cargo car and freight continues movement.

This type of cargo transfer has certain features:

  • snimok-yekrana-2016-09-21-v-12-12-56Containers represent universal a container of various sizes. Thanks to it, this method it is possible to deliver the most different types of freights;
  • The container has reliable locking devices and will be sealed up. Thus, safety of property of the freight owner is reached. Imperceptibly it is simply impossible to open the specified container;
  • Containers can be used in case of rail, motor and maritime (river) haulings. Therefore, it is enough to choose the most convenient transport mode, and the container will approach any of them;
  • Products have a convenient design which in a short space of time to unload vehicles and to move containers further.

The SAG-Stroy company offers container transports on all types transport.

Types of containers:

For convenience of transportations and an expense optimization, the SAG-Stroy company uses several types of containers:

  • foot products, impervious for dust and moisture 20 and 40. There are containers and the increased reservoir, the “high cube” type. All specified products have not sliding roof, tough walls and are equipped with a door. These are universal products which are intended for movement of the most various including off-gage loads;
  • 20 or 40 foot Open Top products. They are very similar in the previous group, but have no rigid roof. In this case, they or sliding or it is replaced with a cover from tarpaulin, plastic;
  • containers without sidewalls;
  • the products equipped with a refrigeration equipment are used for movement of food. These are containers of refrigerator type;
  • “tank” products. They are intended for transportations of liquid products. The main feature of use of such products, deliveries “to a door” are. As, liquid on the way isn’t poured in other containers.

Why it is better to choose the SAG-Stroy company:

SAG-Stroy renders the various accompanying services in addition to directly container and other types of transport of freights. It is necessary to carry to the main benefits of the company:

  • complete preparation of all documents connected with movement of freight. Specialists of the company will be able to prepare and papers on commodity export;
  • giving of an empty container is carried out always in time;
  • the company will provide loading and unloading of products from port of the place of departure to the place of arrival;
  • for the purpose of obligation fulfillment before the customer, the company exercises daily control of movement of goods;
  • sbornye-gruzythere is a possibility of warehousing of containers, insurance of the transported property;
  • consolidation of several freights in one container and their subsequent direction to owners is possible. It allows to cut down significantly transportation expenses without loss of quality and safety of transportations;
  • services are rendered in a complex and on the most beneficial prices.
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