Customs clearance

Any cargo transfer through a customs border of the Customs union involves holding the obligatory actions connected with passing of customs control and a customs clearance of goods.

Specialists SAG-Stroy will help you to undergo all procedure of a customs clearance, control and customs clearance with the minimum costs of efforts, time and a money.

The extensive experience in making of customs transactions, gives high guarantees for the performed work, regardless of complexity of passing of customs procedure. We can predict your risks when making customs transactions with goods and take all measures necessary in order that process of registration took place in the shortest possible time. If necessary, we will help to receive all necessary coordination for registration of goods in customs and other state bodies. Thanks to our specialists the customs clearance of goods will become for you the bystry and pleasant procedure. We offer a full range of services in a customs clearance of your freight.

Our services in the sphere of customs registration:

− preparation of necessary documents for a customs clearance;
− the load classification according to the commodity nomenclature foreign trade activities;
− representation of interests in customs authorities on behalf of the Client;
− calculation of customs fees, duties and taxes;
− execution of customs declarations, including using electronic declaring;
− the organization of unloading loading works on SVH;
− declaring of freights and goods of any complexity, statement of all customs procedures;
− consultations on any questions connected with a customs clearance of goods.

The specific list of documents necessary for a customs clearance depends on the direction (import or export), the purpose of movement of goods through a customs border, conditions of transportation, a form of calculations between partners, the chosen customs regime, and also a specific commodity code according to the Commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity of the Customs union and the related restrictions.

The approximate list of documents for customs registration:

− agreement (contract) of the international purchase and sale;
− specifications to the agreement (contract);
− registration of the transaction in bank;
− invoice (invoice) or pro forma bill;
− pack lists;
− international automobile superimposed (CMR);
− bill of lading;
− air waybill;
− rail waybill;
− book of MDP (Carnet TIR);
− allowing documents (certificates on the state registration of the Customs union, veterinary and phytosanitary certificates);
− certificates of origin;
− the documents confirming customs payment;
− the document confirming the size of transportation expenses;
− complete commercial description of goods.

All document flow is conducted in electronic form that excludes need of presence of the representative Client.
We guarantee complete escort of our client against collecting of documentation before release of freight in free circulation.

We have wide experience in performance of design tasks:

− execution of multicommodity customs declarations (300 and more goods) on the consignments containing a large number of articles (5 000 and more);
− registration of goods delivered between the interconnected persons;
− registration of goods with confirmation of a country of source and provision of the preferences established by the legislation on payment of import customs duties;
− registration of medical, food and children’s products with provision of the preferences established by the legislation or release from the VAT;
− design of processing equipment with payment by installments of payment of the VAT;
− design of the equipment imported as a non-cash contribution to authorized capital;
− registration of multicomponent production lines, shops and the whole plants under the FEACN CU single code with receipt of the classification decision;
− customs clearance of goods for investment projects.

We will always offer you optimum schemes of export-import transactions and we will make check of correctness of execution of contracts in foreign trade on compliance to the customs legislation.

For receipt of consultation on international carriages and calculation of cost of services you can send a request online, or address to office SAG-Stroy.

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