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Posted on Sep 12, 2016

Insurance, directly, the freight not always is the best option of a covering of losses if such are available, for the freight owner. In many cases so-called CMR insurance or voluntary insurance of the civil responsibility of the company carrier before the freight owner in case of international carriages will be much more effective.

If freight was lost, damaged or shortage was revealed – that it is possible to address safely transportation company for compensation. From other party, such type of responsibility can protect also the cargo carrier if the force majeur situation occurred not through his fault, that is: there was a road accident, capsizing of freight or transport, an overheat or overcooling of freight, there was a fire, it started to rain, etc.

Protection of the client

What protection it is possible to expect in case of CMR insurance or what risks the insurer can cover:

Before the freight owner if nature of losses is:
damage, shortage or elimination of goods;
violation of delivery dates;
cost recovery on transportation, taxes, the customs duties in case of loss or a cargo damage.
To other persons, if freight did harm to health, property or life.
Before bodies of customs in a case:
confiscations of freight (any departments having the right to it according to the legislation);
payments of penalties (if the offense was made);
payments of customs duties, charges, percent (if documents initially were completed incorrectly).
Terms and amount of insurance

The insurance agreement can be signed for a period of one up to twelve months. Depending on the cost of goods, term of the agreement and several other criteria the insurer it is appointed insurance the amount which can fluctuate ranging from 25 to 400 thousand conventional units.

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