depositphotos_5448903_s-e1420279240928It is frequent to deliver freight to the receiver any one transport mode, it is just impossible. It complicates a task of carrier. In this case, multimodal transportations are used.
This term means a combination of two and more transport modes which are applied to the goods delivery. Any kinds of transport – sea, automobile, railway, air can be involved in such transportations.
The effective combination and determination of the best option, is a task of the company carrier.
It should be noted that multimodal transportations are urgent not only in case of impossibility to use one transport mode, but also in case of obvious inexpediency of such approach. Sometimes to ship goods and to send it the ship, will be much cheaper and quicker, than to continue movement by car.
Therefore multimodal transportations allow to cut down expenses and time for execution of the order. With their help, possibilities of each transport mode work with the greatest advantage.
The SAG-Stroy company will successfully organize such transportations and ensures to clients safety of their property and an adherence to deadlines of delivery.

Offers of the company

The company offers very full range of services. It not only direct transportations of goods, but also documentary support, and also consulting services. Among a variety of offers there are companies, it is necessary to allocate the main:

  • Complete calculation of expenses taking into account involvement of different types of vehicles;
  • Experienced specialists will plan a route and will prepare methods of movement of freight, optimum by efficiency and costs;
  • Delivery of goods is carried out to the direct recipient;
  • Staff of the company will undertake preparation of necessary customs papers on freight;
  • There is an opportunity to insure the transported property;
  • In case of transportation of expensive goods or having special value, the SAG-Stroy company will organize its professional protection and maintenance of property at all stages of its transportation;
  • In case of need, storage in stock, processing and the subsequent product dispatch will be provided.

Сompany services

Global logistics concept illustration.. Globe, airplane (aeroplane), truck, train and cargo container ship.

Technical capabilities of the SAG-Stroy company allow to perform work on delivery of various freights:

  • oversized items, including by means of container transportations;
  • transportation of combined freights allows to cut down expenses seriously. In this case, for movement of property of several owners one vehicle is used;
  • the dangerous goods and goods requiring special conditions of transportation.
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